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October 31st, 2023

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Note from the Editor:    It’s true that the metaverse has receded in the news (for
now) as it appears that people are not as ready to view themselves as avatars
in an alternate universe as Mark Zuckerberg had hoped.
 Artificial intelligence, however, is not going away. Do you wonder if AI and this “thing” called ChatGPT are the same? I did... and they are not. AI is “a broad field of computer science that deals with the development of intelligent machines that can perform tasks that usually require human intelligence, such as learning, problem-solving, decision-making, and language understanding.” ChatGPT is  software (the most popular one now of many) running on AI that was deliciously described as “a blurry JPEG of all the text on the web.”  Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s take a look at some applications for tourism!

Deborah Reinow, Executive Editor    
Looks like any hesitancy we might have had about AI is disappearing...... 

Nearly Two-Thirds of Americans Want an AI Copilot to Help Book Travel   payments.com 
Consumers are weighing the pros and cons of artificial intelligence (AI). Although they worry about losing human interactions, privacy, and even their technology jobs, they appreciate the convenience, time savings, and productivity gains that AI offers. As a result, consumers today are engaging with AI-related experiences more frequently than before.

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AI helping travel agents make better use of their time
TravelOnly Unveils Travel AI Assistant   travelpress.com
In a move that officials say is “set to redefine the way travel advisors approach their business,” TravelOnly has launched its cutting-edge TravelOnly AI Assistant. The TravelOnly AI Assistant is designed to fuel the marketer within each advisor by simplifying content creation for blogs and social media, saving hours of work while delivering quick, relevant, and compelling content.
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Pretty soon AI will know what you want to do before you do

Skyscanner inspires travel destinations with new gen AI tool
Global travel marketplace Skyscanner has launched a new search discovery and inspiration tool, powered by generative AI. The tool is initially launching in beta in Australia, India, and Singapore to test traveler behavior when it comes to using AI for trip planning, with other markets set to follow. The new tool is powered by Open AI’s Chat GPT technology, and is called “Dream and Discover with AI”. Travelers can type in open-ended statements and questions such as: “Best cities for cultural tours” or “What are some hidden gems in Europe?” 
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AI powered VR and AR apps will make those experiences even more immersive
Brink Traveler Expands its VR Experience with New Destinations and AI Assistant
Brink Traveler, the popular VR travel app, has just released a new update that introduces exciting features and expands its catalog of destinations. The latest update includes seven new stunning locations and an AI travel assistant, making it an even more immersive and interactive experience for users.
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No more scanning 500 traveler reviews?

Tripadvisor launches new AI travel planning features
Tripadvisor is rolling out artificial intelligence-created summaries that are meant to give travelers additional insight on key features as they research hotels.  The news comes on the heels of Tripadvisor’s July launch of its AI-powered travel planning tool and what the company called successful public beta testing of its travel itinerary generator. The AI-generated reviews are meant to be "digestible” with a synopsis that will provide a brief overview of each property. 
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