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July 29th, 2022

The Only VR Newsletter for the Travel Industry

Note from the Editor:  Just as every scandal over the last umpteen decades gets a name that ends in “-gate.” I wonder if everything new will now end in “- verse.” Take RendezVerse.com, for example, which is focused on all things meetings and events moving seamlessly between the digital and physical worlds. Or Mytaverse.com taking on executive travel.  I guess it’s time we all start creating our avatars. The good news?  
You can have more than one!

Deborah Reinow, Executive Editor  
New research gives more “meat on the bones” of how travel is changing

Metaverse travel out to change the future of the travel industry  Travel-intel.com
Metaverse travel is the next big thing to hit the travel industry, even if we aren’t there yet. Like space tourism, if you build the idea, the fans will follow. Unlike taking travelers to some distant space ship for an overnight bunking amid the stars, however, the Metaverse is already here, and just needs refining to become a hit with a passionate traveling public.  
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1000+ hotels expected to be on board by the end of 2023 

Iconic Amersterdam hotel joins RendezVerse as it prepares for the web 3.0 age Travelution.com 
The Anantara Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky in Amsterdam is joining the RendezVerse metaverse community of hotel and events industry partners.
RendezVerse is developing digital twins of some of the most iconic venues and hotels in the world in preparation for the Web 3.0 era. The platform will support meetings, site visits and eventually events in the metaverse, through the use of virtual reality. 
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More concrete examples for you to take to your VP
8 Insightful XR Travel Case Studies to Read in 2022  Xrtoday.com 
XR has the power to transform travel experiences like never before. In the last couple of years, we’ve begun to see some examples of what the right technology can do from leading hotel, transportation, and tourism companies. From virtual travel experiences intended for those who can’t leave their home, to unique customer service experiences, the options are endless.

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Will AR and VR be coming to my Fitbit next?

HTC launches its 1st metaverse smartphone HTC Desire 22 Pro economictimes.indiatimes.com
It is the age of the Metaverse, and companies are increasingly aligning themselves to the new age characterized by virtual reality. HTC the smartphone brand that has been sort of dormant for the longest time is back in action.
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Just in case you thought you were the only one not grasping all of this… 

The struggle of adapting to constant change   Odwyerpr.com 
It’s the Wild West out there. Just when you think you’ve grasped—and perhaps mastered with more than a reasonable amount of certainty—the latest innovation, technical revolution, platform, app, digital breakthrough, or content activation, there’s something new waiting for you as you attack a new day. It’s not like things haven’t been moving fast for the past decade. But this is different. 
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