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July 9th, 2018

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Deborah ReinowNote From the Editor
In what part of the travel experience does your company live?  Planning the trip?  Promoting the destination?  Creating an airport environment that soothes or an airline that truly entertains? ? ?   Making the “old” new again?  This edition highlights specific examples of how companies are embracing VR to create new interactive experiences for travelers.  AND......don’t miss our end story about some weird uses of virtual reality that will really surprise you!


For Tourists, the Berlin Wall Can (Virtually) Fall Again   Wsj.com
As dusk settles at Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, a crowd gathers. A man waves the West German flag, a woman jumps up and down, a man pumps his fist. It’s Nov. 9, 1989. The Berlin Wall is falling.  The scene isn’t real, but a group of tech startups and tourist sites hope it feels that way as they turn to virtual and augmented reality as a way of immersing travelers in history when they visit notable locations. This emerging industry of VR tourism is a combination of future and past that is expected to grow rapidly.  READ MORE

Rome's Colosseum recreates opening games with virtual reality  Lonelyplanet.com
Time travel might still be a thing of the future, but the Colosseum’s brand new multimedia show comes pretty close. Dubbed Sangue e Arena, the production evokes the inaugural games that unfolded in 80 AD to celebrate the completion of the world’s most famous amphitheatre. Elaborate lighting, holograms, and cutting-edge visual and sound effects recall the lavish (and often gruesome) games that were commissioned by Emperor Titus.  READ MORE

Emirates pioneers web virtual reality technology on emirates.com  Voxy.co.nz
Emirates has introduced 3D seat models on emirates.com, becoming the first airline to introduce web virtual reality (VR) technology on its digital platform. The 3D seat model is a visualisation engine that displays an immersive 3D 360-degree view of the interior of the Emirates A380 and the Emirates Boeing 777, giving customers a chance to explore their seats, the spacious cabin and the Emirates onboard product.  READ MORE

Test Drive Your Next Holiday As Travel Site Kayak Launches A VR App Vrfocus.com
Apps like Google Earth have certainly made exploring our planet that little bit easier and more immersive with the virtual reality (VR) version. Tourism organisations and travel companies have also begun to employ VR as a means of promoting exotic locations with the latest coming from online travel site Kayak.  READ MORE

South Korea offers free K-pop, history, food tours in one-stop tourism hub
SEOUL—Centuries-old tradition and typical sightseeing activities are fused with virtual reality and modern technology in a one-stop shop in the heart of this city to lure more tourists who want to experience Korean culture fast and for free.
The Korea Tourism Organization's old 5-storey headquarters in the Jung-gu district has been remodeled into the K-Style Hub, a modern tourist information building where visitors virtually meet K-pop idols, wear the traditional Korean hanbok, make some traditional handicrafts, learn about the local cuisine, and have free skin care check-ups.   READ MORE

IATA and Inflight VR tout potential benefits of virtual reality in the skies  Travelweekly.com
Inflight VR, a Munich- and Barcelona-based company that is developing virtual reality headsets for use onboard aircraft, says its product has the ability to transform the flying experience. At least one major industry player agrees.
"We felt that the use case for in-flight virtual reality is very exciting and a great idea," said Tim-Jasper Schaaf, director of marketing and sales for IATA, which has partnered with Inflight VR to promote the product. Among other things, Schaaf said, IATA is bullish about how much lighter Inflight VR headsets are than traditional airline video screens.   READ MORE

Contnent Tours
JFK Airport’s big push for affordable virtual reality   Airport-technology.com
The tourism industry has begun to recognise the enormous potential that computer-mediated reality has to transform the whole travel experience. JFK Airport is one of the latest in the industry to leverage this technology, by offering virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) experiences to customers.   READ MORE

The 19 most exciting theme park rides opening this summer  Travelandleisure.com
This is a big year for thrill-seekers. Theme parks around the globe are using new technology to send their visitors to other worlds. Using virtual reality, advanced engineering and lots of creativity, this year’s new rides offer many new “world’s first” experiences. This summer, visitors will be able to ride a submarine through a real underwater world (complete with sharks) or shriek their way through a wooden roller coaster that sets on fire in England.   READ MORE


13 Weird things you didn’t know virtual reality was being used for  ranker.com   READ MORE


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