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May 30th, 2022

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Note from the Editor:  Say you’re a travel marketer. Whether you’ve decided that you want to embrace “the metaverse” or wish it would just all go away, the reality is that consumers are really going for it.  Each of this months' stories contain current examples of marketing travel in this new reality. Love it or hate it. It’s here. 

Deborah Reinow, Executive Editor  
Let’s see where this percentage is in 6 months

41% of consumers want to shop in virtual worlds   corp.smartbrief.com 
Consumers may not understand the metaverse, but they would shop in it. A survey gauges consumer reaction to the technology reshaping retail. We’ve been exploring how metaverse, social commerce, and digital retail collide as technology advances and e-commerce grows. Brands are constantly experimenting in this space.  
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If you don’t like the word metaverse, just think “extended reality”

When it comes to travel, the metaverse has real life benefits technewsinc.com.com
Many virtual reality and travel professionals believe that the metaverse will not only serve as a new source of revenue for travel brands and tourism boards but will also be an important marketing tool. While there are many examples of why people would choose to travel the metaverse over real life for those with mobility issues, financial constraints, or during a global pandemic, for example.
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NOT a repeat of the above! Just more examples
Tapping the metaverse for tourism players   Ttgasia.com
 In this new world, hospitality and travel stakeholders can now endeavor to build and fund virtual and physical hotels with NFTs, create meta-international attractions and immersive events, promote their offerings, alleviate manpower crunch, and so much more.
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How a small low-cost Spanish carrier is making its’ name

Vueling becomes the first airline to sell flights in the metaverse Traveldailymedia.com 
Vueling, an airline owned by IAG, will open a new sales channel in the metaverse. The new channel will be up and running before the end of the year, and everything purchased in the metaverse will be usable in the real world and will be the same as a physical airline ticket.
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...and how a big hotel chain is viewing the future

First hotel to operate in the Metaverse aims to shape the future of hospitality
Earlier this month, Millennium Hotels and Resorts debuted M Social Decentraland, the world’s first hotel to operate in the metaverse. But why trade sun and sand for avatars and AI? Find out here. 
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