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April 30th, 2023

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Note from the Editor:   While VR seems to be struggling to find its mainstream footing, its cousin AR is having no such issues. Augmented reality is popping up all over marketing messages.  This month, we feature 4 such examples. But just wait till Apple releases their AR glasses! Shouldn’t be long. Game ON!

Deborah Reinow, Executive Editor    
We’re seeing more and more of these street installations

Tripadvisor pairs AR with street murals to promote San Diego   Marketingdive.com 
Tripadvisor partnered with the San Diego Tourism Authority and agency The Shipyard to create an immersive art campaign, “The Sunny Side of Things,” meant to promote travel to San Diego.  
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Singapore and Snapchat are at it again

STB enhances Haji Lane tourist experience with Snapchat's AR tech   Marketing-interactive.com 
Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has plans to enhance visitors’ experience at tourism hotspots through a strategic initiative with Snapchat to leverage Augmented Reality (AR). The collaboration looks to enhance visitors’ experience of destination storytelling and drive discovery of local shops and businesses among Snapchat’s audience base which reaches over 75% of 13 to 34 years-old in over 20 countries. 
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And yes - on your iPhone too! 
The Coolest Ways To Use Augmented Reality On Your Android Phone   Slashgear.com 
While augmented reality (AR) may seem like sci-fi jargon, and associated with expensive experimental devices like the Microsoft Hololens, augmented reality is widely available, and has been for some time. 
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Picking up where Celebrity Cruises left off

Ambassador Cruise Line creates augmented reality app to showcase Ambience
Ambassador Cruise Line has created an augmented reality tour of its maiden ship Ambience, with guests able to win prizes via a virtual treasure hunt. The line said the AR technology and 360° video content would be available without downloading the app itself and could be used by travel agents to showcase its onboard product to potential customers.
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 A very cool VR experience

Osaka cafe blends real-world and virtual tourism for hybrid experience  Nikkei.com 
An establishment set to open in Osaka city in May, called anywhere cafe, is attracting some attention for its virtual tourism features. Set in a house more than 70 years old on a historic street, it features a traditional interior including seating on tatami mats on the floor. However, putting on a pair of virtual reality goggles allows access to the "other" anywhere cafe in the metaverse.  
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