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December 18th, 2019

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Deborah ReinowNote from the Editor:  “Virtual Reality is the story of humanity mastering our senses” said someone in 2016.  You might think that’s scary. Or exciting. Or exaggerated. However, you need only to take a quick glance through our archives to point to it’s truth. But…but.. but….we all need to be careful what we wish for, says Jesse Schell, CEO of one of the largest VR gaming outfits around:  

“VR and AR are not just gadgets—they will be the eyes of the next generation. We should all work together to give them the best eyes humanity has ever known!”

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

Augmented reality Christmas catalogues   Altavia-group.com
Having managed thus far to escape the digital world, Christmas catalogues are finally coming to life. Several companies are following Amazon‘s example this year and using augmented reality to enhance their print publications, making the family event that children look forward to even more magical.  YouTube Teaser   READ MORE

Travelling in 2040: Pilot-less planes, augmented reality and trips to moon less than 20 years away, report says   Stuff.co.nz/travel
From packing your suitcase to planning your next holiday, technology is set to revolutionise nearly every aspect of travel.  Check out this UK futurologist’ predictions! READ MORE

Can becoming Einstein make you smarter?   Verizon.com
If you envision yourself as a genius, will that make you “smarter”? That seemingly inane idea was the basis of a study at the University of Barcelona. Researchers asked the subjects to slide a virtual reality (VR) headset over their eyes, wear a tracking suit, and take virtual control of Albert Einstein’s body, replacing their own identity with a genius’ for the duration of the experiment. READ MORE

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Study Reveals the Role that Tech Plays in Shaping the Way We Travel   Finance.yahoo.com
A new study by Hilton Honors reveals that one in two travelers (50%) would utilize virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) tours of their destination to get inspiration for their holidays. According to the study, VR and AR are the most-considered sources of travel inspiration for the future, outstripping other sources, such as recommendations from locals (44%) and word of mouth (37%). READ MORE

Virtual travel could change the world with help from drones, VR & wireless   Droned.com
Proponents of ‘digital teleportation’ are working to combine live virtual reality, drones and fast wireless networks to allow people to explore far-flung locales in real-time. You strap on a slim, comfortable headset, pick up your controls and press a button. A drone takes off, whizzing down flooded city streets. Through the goggles, you see what the drone sees—a crisp, live, 360-degree view of battered houses and uprooted trees. When you look down, you see what’s below the drone.  READ MORE

Step Inside King Tut’s Tomb With This New Virtual-Reality Experience—Possibly the Best Part of London’s Tutankhamen Blockbuster   Artnet.com
A new virtual reality experience is on view in tandem with the record-breaking Tutankhamen exhibit at London’s Saatchi Gallery this holiday season, and it may be the best part of the show. YouTube Teaser READ MORE
Happy Holidays


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