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March 30th, 2023

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Note from the Editor:    It seems VR and the ol’ metaverse are taking hits this month. Stories that include headlines like “Zukerberg’s deserted fantasyland” or “VR- a dying dream? “ And yet, there seem to be just as many stories about the promise each of these holds. One thing everyone is agreeing on- Tim Cook was right. Augmented reality is “da bomb.” 

Deborah Reinow, Executive Editor    
We like specific advice. This one has it 

Embracing the metaverse:  How brands are navigating the future of marketing Ceoworld.biz  
It may be too early to speak about the global all-encompassing metaverse but it’s just the right time to start exploring the possibilities and opportunities that it’s creating now and will create in the future. Naturally, marketing teams should go wherever their target audience is going. Or create their own branded places for the audience to come into. The Metaverse gives the opportunity to utilize both scenarios. 
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No metaverse for this guy

What the metaverse in hospitality is and isn’t   Hotelyearbook.com 
There have been heated discussions in hospitality about the impact of the metaverse on the industry. From proponents predicting that it will “change everything in travel and hospitality”, to detractors who are skeptical about its immediate value proposition and useful applications
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AR is a natural here  
Augmented Reality could bring new life to history tourism   Skift.com 
History is a unique asset for every destination, but often one that doesn't elicit a lot of excitement from travelers, especially as they continue to trend toward unique travel experiences. Augmented reality and virtual reality could be an unlock for destinations that want to leverage more of their rich pasts. 
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Five airport innovations that will make travel easier in 2023   Aerotime.aero  
From advanced biometric capture software and shoe scanners to immersive retail experiences, AeroTime takes a closer look at five newly implemented innovations that are coming to an airport near you. 
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Destinations are starting to embrace AR   

How augmented reality is coming to life in cities    Cities-today.com  
City leaders say augmented reality (AR) is coming of age, with a growing number using the technology to achieve goals such as re-invigorating tourism after the pandemic, engaging residents in decision-making, and making transport systems more accessible.  
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This photo essay is too fun not to include!

Couple gets legally married in Taco Bells’ metaverse   Businessinsider.com 
Sheel Mohnot, a venture capitalist, and Amruta Godbole, a product lawyer, got engaged in August 2022.  Soon after, the couple won a contest to have a wedding in the metaverse sponsored by Taco Bell. Take a look at their metaverse wedding and live reception afterward at the "world's most beautiful Taco Bell."
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