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November 29th, 2021

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Note from the Editor:  We lead off this issue with the incredible ad that Visit Iceland put out a couple of weeks ago in response to Mr. Zuckerberg’s video explaining their name change to “meta” in honor of the metaverse (that they’re taking credit for). Iceland has done some pretty edgy ads before and this one is pure genius! The reality is, however, that the metaverse will be playing a very big part in our industry in all kinds of ways.    Read on….. 
                                                                     Deborah Reinow, Executive Editor
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Iceland Tourism pokes fun of Mark Zuckerberg and Meta-Verse to encourage people to experience reality   Insideedition.com  
Iceland is known for volcanoes, glaciers, the music of Bjork and Sigur Ros, and now you can add sense of humor to list as their tourism authorities have created a video mocking Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his new umbrella corporation, Meta. 
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Like it or not, the metaverse is here

Is the metaverse a friend or foe to travel?   Phocuswire.com  
As the last 18 months have shown, the future of travel is not what it used to be.  Now with the arrival of the "Metaverse" – a 3D, augmented-reality, version 2.0 of the internet heralded by Facebook – could the future of travel be about to change again?  Leaving aside the existential risk that people might stop traveling in the real world –– this still throws up all sorts of challenges for travel.
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Turns out Pokémon was the tip of the tourism iceberg
Is a Pokémon metaverse in the making?   Techwireasia.com
Pokémon and the metaverse may seem to be different but they actually have a lot more in common. Back in 2016 when Pokémon Go first made its debut, Thailand already saw the potential of the augmented reality-powered mobile game to boost its tourism industry, Even as recently as last year, the Singapore Tourism Board collaborated with Pokémon Go’s game developer, Niantic, to encourage people to rediscover the city. 
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A good selection of concrete examples from the hotel side

How hotels and resorts are adopting virtual and augmented reality Bbntimes.com
The use of AR and VR is no longer something you see only in sci-fi thrillers. Today, AR and VR are becoming much more commonplace, and this technology is being used in a variety of useful applications across a variety of industries. The hotel and hospitality industry is just one field that is making use of augmented and virtual reality, and its popularity is really exploding. 
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A wide-angle view of what Covid has brought to the table 

5 pandemic tech innovations that will change travel forever
Within the 20 months for the reason that the COVID-19 pandemic started, technological improvements have gone from futuristic to acquainted. Lately,  it’s exhausting to be out on the earth without encountering QR-coded menus or supplying digital vaccine passports. Because as the tourism business sputters again to life, masks could start to vanish, however many pandemic-era tech instruments will proceed to issue into your journeys. 
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Luxury goods as “NFTs”- goods that exist only in cyberspace??? 

Luxury brands find future with ‘metaverse’   Retailinasia.com
High-end fashion companies are reluctant to sell their products online, and they encourage customers to visit their boutiques and “experience” the brand in-person to observe the craftsmanship of their handbags and apparel. Luxury brands do not like the idea of people just browsing over pictures of their items uploaded online and purchasing them with the simple click of a mouse. 
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