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November 24th, 2020

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Taking augmented reality guides to a new level: Over 80 tours available

Sherpa Tours allows people to travel the world from their armchair

Armchair travel has been a major trend for 2020, with online offerings such as Airbnb Experiences and virtual reality (VR) tours from tourist boards providing creative ways to see the world while we’re grounded due to Covid-19. Travel app Sherpa Tours offers another novel option, with its augmented reality (AR) tour guides that take people on virtual walking tours from the comfort of their own home. (The Faroe Islands did something similar earlier in the year.) 
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Of course they are!

Amazon Explore: Amazon enters the (virtual) travel game Smartertravel.com
Ever wish you could Amazon Prime yourself to an exciting new destination? You can’t ship yourself around the world for free (yet) but Amazon is betting that you’ll pay to travel virtually via their new Explore service.  
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Goodbye 2020...hello new customer expectations

Booking.com predicts trends in travel in the year ahead, and beyond   Ftnnews.com
Booking.com says that with the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, travel will be forever re-shaped by this extraordinary moment in time. Innovation within the travel industry will accelerate faster than ever to respond to marked shifts in travel expectations and behaviors. 
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