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February 12th, 2024

The Only VR Newsletter for the Travel Industry

Note from the Editor:  With this first issue of the new year, we’re focusing on recapping the ways AR, VR, and AI  can, and are, being used in the marketing, planning, and experiencing of travel. The stories look generic but are solid, easy-to-consume, summations of where each technology fits in this ever-changing landscape.  2024 should be quite a year.  
Deborah Reinow, Executive Editor    
We’re way beyond Pokemon  

Augmented Reality is enhancing the travel experience    tech bullion.com 
In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, one innovation stands out for its transformative potential in the travel industry– Augmented Reality (AR). Augmented Reality has moved beyond gaming and entertainment, finding its place in revolutionizing the way we explore and experience travel.
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A concrete example of how AI is being used, even in a small company  

Travel companies are using AI to better customize trip itineraries     fortune.com
When Kim Bennett founded her travel company, AtlasGuru, the idea was that travelers could plan vacations themselves with the help of recommen-dations from a community of well-versed travelers.
It was 2019. By 2023, she realized that users didn’t need to physically sift through hundreds of long-form articles and curate content themselves. Artificial intelligence could do it for them. 
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Bear with us. It’s a good rundown.   

Embracing the Future: Virtual Reality Tourism redefining travel in 2024 
tech bullion.com  
Technology transforms the tourism industry, shaping how we discover and experience our world. Looking towards 2024, innovation will drive traveler experiences in ways unimagined before.  From augmented reality transforming sightseeing to blockchain ensuring secure transactions, a new
era of tech-driven travel is on the horizon.
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If you just read one article, make it this  
Tourism and technology revolutionizing the travel experience    jguru.com 
Cutting-edge innovations are revolutionizing every touchpoint of the modern travel experience. AI-powered chatbots offer personalized trip planning through natural conversations. Augmented reality phone apps overlay digital tours, translations, and guides onto real-world scenes. IoT sensors and automation allow hospitality companies to predict and satisfy guest needs before they arise. At every step, emerging technologies are placing powerful travel assist tools right in the palm of one’s hand. 
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Off topic but could not resist. Sleep Tourism? Really?
AI-powered beds and future trends in Sleep Tourism  healthnews.com   
Whether you are looking for a relaxing holiday or a restorative night's sleep on a jam-packed travel
adventure, the sleep tourism industry will be of interest to you. An emerging trend in the travel industry, sleep tourism combines innovation and wellness to provide an ultimate night of comfort for guests
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