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April 30th, 2021

The Only VR Newsletter for the Travel Industry

At this point, augmented reality has definitely emerged ahead of virtual for the travel industry which makes perfect sense.  And… the VERY BEST round up I have seen of all the ways AR is currently being applied in tourism is our first story this month. Plus, if you want to marvel at the ways newborns today will travel when they are 30, there’s a story that takes what’s already in development to its next steps.      Read on......         
 Deborah Reinow, Executive Editor 
This is a deep dive into current AR applications for travel 

How is Augmented Reality reshaping Travel & Tourism? Appinventiv.com 
If you’ve ever played Pokemon Go, tried decorating your home using the IKEA app, used those wacky Snapchat filters or tried different styles of makeup using the L’Oreal app, then you have had a brief encounter with Augmented Reality. Travel industry has witnessed tremendous growth in the last decade and disruptive mobile technologies played a huge role in it.
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What’s next for museums?

VR has a bright future but AR is the present Museumnext.com
As we emerge slowly and cautiously from the challenges of the pandemic, museums have decisions to make about which horses they will be backing in the technology space over the coming months and years. Budget constraints will almost certainly be with us for years to come and so investing in the right digital areas will be critical. 
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JTB is taking virtual travel to another level here   

JTB’s new venture lets users travel virtually around Japan Ttgasia.com
Japan’s largest travel agency has launched a VR tourism resource that aims to introduce remotely the country’s top destinations, experiences and products. JTB teamed up with information media provider Fun Japan Communications and cloud service vendor Fixer to create Japan Virtual Platform, which will begin registration of users at the end of this month.
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This is not pure fantasy…

This is what vacations might look like in 30 years  Msn.com 
Sojourns on the Moon and Mars, AI-powered robot concierges and virtual reality time travel experiences – tourism is changing, and fast. Join us as we peer into our crystal ball and reveal what vacations might look like in 30 years' time. 
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This has “Blockbuster Optional Tour” written all over it

First look inside Harry Potter New York:  'Magical' shopping experience due to open on June 3     Dailymail.co.uk
Harry Potter New York will open in the heart of the city next to the iconic Flatiron building on Broadway. The store will house the largest collection of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts products under one roof. There will be 15 themed areas and two virtual reality experiences that visitors can take part in. 
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