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December 19th, 2023

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Note from the Editor:  Perhaps you heard about the Meta/RayBan smart glasses that were introduced in the fall?  I checked them out and MEH. I felt it was basically a smartphone for your face.  But their new edition, scheduled to officially debut in 1st QTR24, is a total game changer for affordable wearable technology!  We’ve devoted 2 stories to these- the first is a “just the facts ‘ma'am” overview and the 2nd a personal account of what you can experience wearing them. I now know what I want for XMAS …and have put my order into Santa. After reading these, you may too! Enjoy the holidays and who knows what 2024 will bring? 

Deborah Reinow, Executive Editor    
You should read this one first

Unlocking the power of seeing with AI: Meta brings AI visual identification feature to Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses   artracker.tv/news
Meta (Facebook) has announced the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) visual identification features into their Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses. This groundbreaking advancement paves the way for an entirely new layer of user experience, blurring the lines between the physical and digital worlds. With this innovative technology, users can now leverage the power of AI to identify objects, landmarks, and even people in their immediate vicinity, simply through a glance.
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I use prescription glasses but I still want these!

Meta's Ray-Ban Glasses added AI that can see what you're seeing
"Hey, Meta. Look at this and tell me which of these teas is caffeine-free." I spoke these words as I wore a pair of Meta Ray-Bans.  I was staring at a table with four tea packets, their caffeine labels blacked out with a marker. A little click sound in my ears was followed by Meta's AI voice telling me that the chamomile tea was likely caffeine-free. It was reading the labels and making judgments using generative AI.
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Of course, the last issue of the year has to have 2 future of tech in tourism stories. 

7 Top tech trends emerging in the tourism industry in 2024   sheownsit.com
Technology transforms the tourism industry, shaping how we discover and experience our world. Looking towards 2024, innovation will drive traveler experiences in ways unimagined before. From augmented reality transforming sightseeing to blockchain ensuring secure transactions, a new era of tech-driven travel is on the horizon.
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And this is the 2nd 

Unveiling the top travel trends for 2024: A journey into the future of wanderlus
t   earthsattractions.com 
Virtual worlds influence real-world travel in 2024 as metaverse technologies expand. Travel brands create digital experiences of hotspots and hotels. VR previews help inform travel decisions. Augmented reality overlays enhance real-life viewing by supplying contextual data.

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This has nothing to do with tourism (yet) but the picture of a mouse wearing VR goggles?  You’re welcome.
VR goggles for mice create immersive scenarios for brain research   theguardian.com
Whether exploring distant galaxies or dashing about a fantasy world, virtual reality has immersed humans in extraordinary places. Now, it seems, mice will be able to join us. Researchers have developed a pair of virtual reality “goggles” that can plunge the rodents into various scenarios, from navigating mazes to experiencing the threat of a predator.
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