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March 31st, 2020

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Deborah ReinowNote from the Editor:  I always wondered what the term “black swan” really meant. Now, just like that, we all know. It. Completely. Changes. Everything. For how long, we don’t know. But, not to minimize the devastation in every sector, it could be said that no industry has been more shaken to its’ core than travel. And no matter what, virtual and augmented reality technology is going to play a bigger role in whatever the future of our industry is.


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First. A couple of articles about how VR and AR will be a prominent piece of getting the travel industry up and running again (for under AND over traveled destinations):

TravelVR How VR Could Help The Travel & Tourism Industry In The Aftermath Of The Coronavirus Outbreak   Bbc.com
The ever evolving and unprecedented COVID-19 situation poses extreme challenges for the travel & tourism industry. The World Travel & Tourism Council has warned that the COVID-19 pandemic could cut 50 million jobs worldwide, and is asking governments to protect the industry.   READ MORE

VR Travel_Italy How Tech Could Help Tourist Destinations Struggling in the Wake of COVID-19 Fastcompany.com
For years, popular destinations have been heaving under the weight of over tourism, desperate to get the problem under control. But thanks to the coronavirus’s spread, destinations that were once struggling with too many visitors are eerily empty. READ MORE

Here’s just a teeny tiny sample of the stories over the last couple of days promoting the “virtues of virtual” during Covid-19 isolation. Expect many more. Every Day.

Turn Your Phone into Interactive MuseumThis App Will Turn Your Phone Into an Interactive Museum You Can Play With for Hours Travel and Leisure  READ MORE


White House12 Historic Sites You Can Virtually Tour from the Couch During the Coronavirus Outbreak Washington Post READ MORE



VR travel from Your SofaTravel the World from the Comfort of Your Couch During COVID-19  Sudbury.com READ MORE



Japan offers VR Travel WorldwideJapan Offers VR Experiences for Home-Bound Travelers Around the World Travel Daily News READ MORE



San FranciscoSan Francisco Provides Artistic and Cultural Enrichment While Sheltering in place  SFTravel.com   READ MORE



And from all of us to all of you: Be Safe. Stay Healthy!

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