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February 28th, 2020

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Deborah Reinow

Note from the Editor:

The news about Apple’s ARKit is very telling as to what is going on in the mixed reality space. One of the big obstacles with mainstream adoption of AR and VR has been how “clunky” it is to use. Now developers are breaking through these barriers. VR headsets are literally lighter and so much cheaper. And now, with ARKit, the consumer doesn’t even have to load an app to access the AR features on a website.

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Here are some great recent examples of how the travel industry is incorporating AR into the experience…not just the booking.

How Augmented Reality is Revolutionising the Travel Industry   Revfine.com
Over recent times, augmented reality has become increasingly popular within the travel industry. This is primarily because it enables hotels and other businesses operating in this field to enhance the physical environments they are actually trying to encourage customers to visit, including local sights and hotel rooms. Unlike other purchases, travel tends to be heavily researched, as customers require lots of information before they arrive.   READ MORE

If you read the first article, can you guess how long it will be until Apple’s ARKit is mainstream in the travel marketers toolkit?

Apple Expands ‘Quick Look’ To Let Retailers Sell Things Directly In Augmented Reality   Techcrunch.com
That couch you’re thinking about sure would look good in your living room… or would it? To drag up a decade-old (!) catchphrase: There’s an app for that. There are a ton of apps for that, really. Seeing what furniture might look like in a room is one of the go-to examples of what augmented reality is good for, and there’s no shortage of retailers doing it in their apps. But when you’ve already got someone interested in making a purchase and poking around the item in, say, Safari, getting them to stop and download an app is kind of a big ask.   READ MORE

Redefining the theme park for urban environments:

NYC’s New Virtual Reality Hub Might Just Blow Your Mind   Nypost.com
Picture yourself taking an elevator to the top of a 480-foot tower. The doors part and there you are, facing a feeble wooden plank jutting out into space. Your challenge: Walk all the way to the end, then turn around — knowing that any misstep will send you plummeting to your death. This isn’t real — it’s virtual reality.  READ MORE

How Virtual Reality is Changing the Live Music Experience   Cnn.com
Just because your favorite bands’ live show sold out in minutes, it doesn't mean you have to miss out. In the last few years, musicians have been able to stream concerts to virtual reality headsets, allowing fans to enjoy the virtual spectacle from the comfort of their homes. Now some VR platforms are going beyond just recreating the live experience.  READ MORE

Some good tips for the travel marketer just starting out in mixed reality….

Social Storytelling In 2020: Should Your Brand Try Augmented Reality?   Forbes.com
‘Augmented reality’ may sound like something from a sci-fi film or a “Black Mirror” episode, but you’ve probably seen the technology in action even if you didn’t know its name. When Sephora’s mirrors allow shoppers to virtually try on different shades of lipstick, that’s AR at work. And when your kids play Pokémon Go or post Instagram Stories revealing their inner Disney character, that’s AR too.  READ MORE

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