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March 31st, 2021

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Just as this latest edition was going live, we got a news report that Microsoft has just been awarded a $21 billion contract to provide AR headsets to the US Army. For those of you that think that augmented reality may just be a passing fad, it’s probably time to rethink your assumptions!

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AR is in everyone’s future

Microsoft wins $21 billion Army contract for AR headsets Washingtonpost.com
The U.S. Army has awarded Microsoft a contract worth up to $21 billion for augmented reality headsets that are supposed to help soldiers map the battlefield, select targets and stay aware of possible threats by overlaying intelligence information directly onto their field of vision. 
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Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore......

11 Predictions for how we’ll be traveling in the future   Fodors.com 
Traveling in 2021 and beyond is going to look a little different. While spontaneous, carefree adventures may be on hold for a while, technology has stepped in to make the overall traveling experience smoother and a lot more convenient. From autonomous vehicles and augmented reality guides, smart hotels, and high-tech gadgets, these are some forward-thinking innovations. 
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Another new twist in the use of  AR 

New AR tourism app gives users a view of Hong Kong’s past  Scmp.com 
A new tourism project featuring augmented reality enables smartphone users to enjoy panoramic views of what Hong Kong looked like in the past – part of a bid by officials to bolster the city’s appeal ahead of the much-anticipated return of foreign visitors once the coronavirus pandemic is under control. 
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This looks like a great marketing tool

Virtual Travel with “Talking Postcards”   USTimesNow.com
Talking Postcards’ is a first-of-its-kind innovation that brings travel stories to life through postcard paintings. These postcards are hand-painted and carry heartwarming travel experiences converted into visually striking stories from around the world. If one were to scan the postcard with the FlippAR app, a video overlay would then give the viewer a glimpse into these scenic places and stories.
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 Anyone in the business travel space should read this 

Technology and the Future of Business Travel   Baselinemag.com   
While travel businesses embrace the latest technology trends, business travel will not be returning to its pre-pandemic level any time soon, if ever. That’s due to technologies that make it easier to limit the frequency of business travel by executives, sales agents & others who can accomplish their goals with greater efficiency remotely. With communication & collaboration tools, deals will be done online & meetings in virtual rooms. 
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While this company is not in the tourism industry, they outline some excellent applicable observations  

Marketing in a virtual world   Fastcompany.com
Very soon after the pandemic forced us to abruptly shift to 100% remote work, my team and I realized that we had a game-changing marketing opportunity on our hands.ls, deals will be done online, and meetings in virtual rooms. 
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