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December 21st, 2017

1st VR Newsletter for the Travel Industry


Christmas 2017

Airbnb virtual reality feature will make your traveling much easier   Bestinau.com
Airbnb virtual reality feature will soon become a part of their website. The company revealed on their blog that they will soon introduce virtual and augmented reality to help users during their booking and renting process. READ MORE

VR or AR? Will the hotel industry really cozy up to either one?   Hospitalitynet.org
Virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR)? This is the question. The hotel and travel industry is at a pivotal time regarding technological innovation and how it may impact the future. Do travelers want an immersive experience that they can enjoy from their living room? Alternatively, do they want to be educated and informed while on vacation? While AR and VR have a lot in common, they could also lead us down totally different paths. READ MORE


Star Wars hyper-reality experience Secrets of the Empire lets you step into a galaxy far, far away   Standard.co.uk
If you’re seeing Star Wars: The Last Jedi, watching it on an IMAX screen is about as immersive as you can get. But if you’ve ever wanted to step in the Star Wars universe for real, a new ‘hyper-reality’ experience is your chance. Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire has just arrived blending virtual reality tech and practical effects into a mind-boggling, authentically Star Wars experience. READ MORE

How To Create A Successful Destination-Marketing Video   Forbes.com
Please don’t allow my friend Adrienne to receive one of those Word of the Day calendars this Christmas. Adrienne, you see, isn’t satisfied to simply learn the word of the day. She has to use it in conversation all day long, no matter how inappropriate the context. I still recall with a deep sigh, for instance, the day that she learned “lugubrious.” I worry that destination marketers and the firms that are advising them are about to fall into the same trap as my friend Adrienne when they clap their hands in excitement about all the new technological tools available to them. READ MORE

London Shoppers Can Now Design Their Own Nikes in Augmented Reality  Next.reality.news
Nike has launched an augmented reality design tool at its Niketown store in London that lets shoppers customize sneakers and see their designs on a real product.  At the NIKEiD Direct Studio, shoppers can choose color and material selections on an enclosed tablet and see their design projected immediately on an all-white Air Force 1 sneaker. Once satisfied with the design, the customer's design is sent to a NIKEiD factory for production. READ MORE

Brands must rethink engagement with the new digitally connected traveler   Skift.com
Widespread digital connectivity has created a generation of travelers who are more impatient, demanding, and savvy than ever before. Travel brands must adapt to meet those needs. Travelers are using digital connectivity to plan, pay, and post about their adventures more than ever before. This connectivity gave travelers new levels of convenience, simplicity and knowledge. READ MORE

How Air Travel Will Change in 2018   Cnntraveler.com
For air travelers, 2017 has been quite a year: a passenger was dragged off an overbooked United flight, major airlines rolled out a “basic economy” class that represents a new low in creature comforts, the Trump administration scuttled a pro-consumer policy rule that was supposed to make it easier to find out how much you have to pay to check a bag, and the storied 747 jumbo jet flew for the last time under U.S. colors. But whatever happens in Washington or in airline boardrooms, fliers may get some relief. READ MORE

Not Travel Related but........WOW!

The augmented reality market is predicted to hit $133.7B by 2021.....For reference, it clocked in at just 3.33 billion in 2015.  Tech.co  READ MORE

BACK FROM THE DEAD: Japanese firm lets you see deceased loved ones at the grave   Express.co.uk   READ MORE

Virtual reality lets scientists walk around inside cancer cells, set to revolutionise medicine   Abc.net.au   READ MORE


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