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June 29th, 2022

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Note from the Editor:   If you order 4 mojitos in a virtual bar, can you still get drunk? If you check into a hotel in the metaverse, should you tip the valet? Does any of this metaverse “play-acting” really amount to anything?  An increasing number of travel marketers think it does.  Are they right?

Deborah Reinow, Executive Editor  
Two avatars walk into a bar….

What really happens at a metaverse bar?  The austraian.com
Having trouble grasping the point of buying a Dolce & Gabbana virtual tiara or a virtual home? You might want to be sober to fathom an even newer corner of the metaverse called the virtual bar. In March, tequila maker Jose Cuervo said it would open the first distillery in the metaverse. Then, before anyone could figure out what it meant to drink in a digital world, a bar fight broke out over it.
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The future of the tour bus?  

In Rome? Hop on the virtual reality bus that takes you back 3,000 years  Karryon.com.au
Visitors can now marvel at the original splendor of ancient Rome from the comfort of a tourist bus whose windows offer a glimpse 3,000 years into the past thanks to virtual reality and 3D technology. The immersive project aboard an electric bus, created by Italian company Invisible Cities opened to the public on June 23.
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Are you a bit confused how YOU can use AR in YOUR travel business? Just. Read. This.
How AR can enrich tourists’ vacation experiences   Jasoren.com
There is a large amount of reference information for tourists. It is remarkably difficult to distinguish your business from other travel companies publishing tons of marketing texts, photos, animations, and videos. How do you make the traveler pay attention to you? An AR application can come in handy to highlight your competitive advantages.
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A primer on how hotels could use this new “digital world” to put REAL bodies into REAL beds. 

Metaverse Hospitality leads the charge in virtual travel with three new digital hotels
While the COVID-19 pandemic changed tourism forever, it also exacerbated the move into the digital world for the industry. Enter the Metaverse and web3. This ‘embodied internet’ blurs the lines between the physical and digital worlds, delivering experiential interactions for users. Tampa-based Metaverse Hospitality (MH) is tapping into this new frontier of technology and seamlessly blending the travel experience within the virtual realm.  
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Grooming the next generation of traveler

My Avastars doll line brings the metaverse to the toy aisle  The toyinsider.com
You’ve probably heard your kids talking about Roblox before, even if you don’t know exactly what it is. Roblox is a digital platform where kids can hang out virtually with friends and play games in immersive, 3D worlds. Toy manufacturer WowWee is jumping into the world of Roblox with a new toy called My Avastars, inspired by kids’ use of avatars to explore, create, and express themselves in the metaverse. 
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Not a definitive list of course but a hell of a headline!

The 10 best-designed tourism websites in the world   Skift.com
In a frantic attempt to avoid being left behind, official tourism organization websites are doing their best to catch up to the high expectations of the new traveler — tourists of the post-pandemic digital age. 
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