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February 28th, 2022

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Note from the Editor:   Raise your hand if you think that virtual stores in (and out) of the metaverse are a passing fad. Ok.  Now read the first story!  It’s getting pretty clear that today's consumer wants to be “courted” in a different way before they buy. Understatement.
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Deborah Reinow, Executive Editor                                                                    

The 70% of virtual store visitors have purchased a digital item   Virtualrealitytimes.com
According to a survey by Obsess, 70% of consumer visitors to a virtual retail store have purchased something. The survey known as ‘Metaverse Mindset: Consumer Shopping Insights’ looked at the interest in brands that create immersive virtual stores on metaverse platforms or their own websites to promote or sell their products.
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Isn’t it typical that the high-end market leads the way? 

How the metaverse will change luxury travel   Luxurytravelmagazine.com
Can the luxury travel experience possibly get any better? With the metaverse, it can, and it will. When most people think of the metaverse, they probably imagine a group of teenagers playing video games while immersed in a virtual 3D world. But what if the metaverse could also be used to change how we travel? As it turns out, several brands like DFS and Marriott Bonvoy are already beginning to embrace the metaverse exploring new forms of marketing and new ways to offer better experiences.
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In this case “nothing new” refers to waaay back in 2016…   
How technology is powering a new generation of travel marketing   Thedrum.com
Travel marketing is based on feelings and appeals to the senses. From adventure tours to city breaks, many of the most effective campaigns are based on creating tangible wants and desires in the consumer. Despite how novel it feels in practice, using virtual reality tech to promote travel destinations is nothing new.  
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We’ve said it before. As goes Disney.

Forget Facebook, Disney will rule the metaverse   TheStreet.com 
Entering the metaverse has become something that every company does whether or not doing so actually makes sense. It's like when one person in high school starts flipping his or her collar up and everyone else starts doing it whether they can pull off the look or not. Disney on the other hand owns arguably the world's best collection of intellectual property. 
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Remember when Duty Free shops were ways to kill time before a flight?

Lotte Duty Free prepares to embrace the metaverse  Dfnionline.com
Lotte Duty Free believes new changes to Korean duty free rules could pave the way for the first Metaverse duty free store. Korea Customs Service announced in mid-January that it would permit overseas residents to purchase domestic duty-free products online without a visit to South Korea. It’s this change that Lotte believes will trigger a dramatic technology gear change for how people shop duty free. 
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This looks like SO much fun. I bet they are booked solid!

iChina to debut Silicon Valley's 1st virtual reality dining room, no VR headset needed  Abc7news.com
High-tech for your taste buds! iChina restaurant in San Jose (CA) is set to open Silicon Valley's first virtual reality dining room in April. When customers book the private space, they're in for a ten-course meal and high-tech experience. No virtual reality headsets needed here. However, in the true sense of VR, people will dine in a customized computer-generated environment.
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Sigh. And then there’s this

The metaverse has a groping problem already.  technologyreview.com  Read More  

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