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August 5th, 2015

Sightseeing News & Views - August 5th, 2015




Airlines have another bright idea about economy seating Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Travel and Tour World
As airlines strive to increase profits, the latest seating design is a result of Solomon Asch's classic elevator experiment caught on the 1960s television show "Candid Camera." It marks the latest in a series of seating plans that seek to let planes carry more people. READ MORE

A year in space: See 2 dramatic views of space travel Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
A trip to the International Space Station starts and ends with fire, but in between, there is only a sweet, shimmery drift. That's a fact of life if you're one of the tiny handful of people who fly those missions, but for the rest of us, it's nice to have a little photographic evidence. READ MORE

Why Myanmar belongs on your travel wish list now Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
When people think of Myanmar, several things come to mind: an oppressive military government, the Nobel Peace Prize – winning efforts of dissident Aung San Suu Kyi, and that Seinfeld episode. What comes less readily to our thoughts is that the country long known as Burma was once the richest in Southeast Asia. READ MORE

Mall of America spotlights Star Trek The Exhibition Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article

Come and explore the History of the Future! Now, you have a chance to experience Star Trek as never before. Not as cinema or TV but hands-on, live, up-close and in-person. You can explore the worlds, the wisdom, the science, the stories, the cultures, characters, fashions and the fantasies of the Star Trek universe. Star Trek: The Exhibition is one of the largest collections of authentic Star Trek artifacts and information ever. READ MORE


How one startup is changing the vacation tour business? Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
When it comes to vacation planning, booking your flight, hotel and rental car can be taken care of in just a few minutes in front of your computer. Researching and booking all the fun stuff you’re going to do on that trip, however, gets a bit more complicated. Enter PEEK. READ MORE

Using your mobile phone internationally just got a lot easier Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Travel + Leisure
Data roaming was once one of the great pain points of traveling — until now. Apple and GigSky have teamed up to offer travelers the ability to instantly connect to a local data network in more than 90 countries upon touchdown. A short history: First, the EU proposed legislature to end roaming on the European continent by 2017. READ MORE


Trekking the Tour du Mont Blanc Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
The Guardian
Covering 170 kilometers and 10,000 meters of ascent, and taking in France, Italy and Switzerland, the TMB is one of the world's greatest walks, offering trekkers a tough challenge with spectacular scenery READ MORE

Why did a cruse line deny a widows travel insurance? Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
The story about a tragically aborted vacation has a happy ending, and a word of warning to travelers about the importance of getting the right travel insurance. A Florida widow whose husband died right before they were to take a Royal Caribbean cruise has been reimbursed for the cost of her trip after the cruise line refused to honor her travel insurance claim. READ MORE

Business travel worth $300B and Airbnb wants its share! Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Business travelers like Airbnb, and now the company is expanding with a new product suite to serve that lucrative market. The new product will include central billing and a dashboard for travel managers to track employee itineraries and spending, the company says. READ MORE

Want to scatter a loved one's ashes abroad? Some rules to heed Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Los Angeles Times
Recently, a longtime travel friend died. She had traveled with us several times on African safaris and was in love with Africa, the animals and the safari experience. One of her wishes was that we take her ashes on our next trip to South Africa and sprinkle them on a game-filled savanna in her memory. READ MORE


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