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March 13th, 2024

The Only VR Newsletter for the Travel Industry

Note from the Editor:  “It’s easier to ride in the direction the horse is going.” While VR and AR have been trotting steadily over the last few years to make a significant impact on the travel industry, AI is galloping. A few of our stories this month highlight how this technology is, and will be, having on tourism including the future of hospitality careers.  Watch this space!
Deborah Reinow, Executive Editor    
The latest out of Japan  

TOKYO  launches virtual and augmented reality experiences to boost tourism phocuswire.com
The Tokyo government and Tokyo Convention and Visitors Bureau have created two digital experiences intended to promote the city’s appeal as a destination for tourists. The first is a virtual interactive portal on the Roblox platform called “Hello! Tokyo Friends – an interactive game experience that is based in a virtual cityscape of Tokyo and has activities such as a treasure hunt, trivia games, and other activities. The second digital product is a new app, Tokyo Hunt, that connects the virtual world on Roblox with the real city of Tokyo. 
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Will AI decimate the entry-level tourism jobs of the future?   

Colleges are using AI to prepare hospitality workers of the future   theconversation.com 
If you're planning to go into the hospitality industry, the pathway is increasingly going to involve some sort of familiarity with AI.  AI could not only reduce the number of jobs but it has already begun to change the way existing jobs are done by handling tasks such as guest check-ins, customer inquiries and the like.
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AI, once hovering in the background, is now everywhere 

How Artificial Intelligence went from a buzzword to business backbone in 2024
In the wake of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the world bears witness to an extraordinary era fueled by unprecedented technological advancements. No longer confined to siloed experiments or futuristic speculations, AI in 2024 has infiltrated every corner of the corporate landscape.  Supply chains humming with predictive intelligence, anticipating demands before they arise. Marketing campaigns are driven by hyper-personalized insights; crafting experiences so bespoke they feel like whispered secrets.
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Hmmm. I wonder what Booking.com has to say about this? 
Cheap Hotels Hub, the world's first AI-Based booking platform  panhandle.news.channel 
In the light of growing demands for travel packages, especially affordable ones, Cheap Hotels Hub was launched as the first AI-powered booking platform for travelers to find affordable options on a vast selection of accommodation around the world.
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At $3500 a pop, it’s confined to first class. For now. 

One Airline Is Embracing Apple Vision Pro for In-Flight Entertainment
In November 2023, a new airline called Beond  began service to the Maldives from a number of destinations across Europe and the Middle East. Beond is notable for a few qualities, including all-premium seating, chauffeuring travelers to their flight and an emphasis on travel to the Maldives. Recently, the company announced one more feature for passengers bound to one of the world’s most scenic destinations: using the Apple Vision Pro for in-flight entertainment. 
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