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April 30th, 2019

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Deborah ReinowEDITOR NOTES: 

What’s going on in YOUR city? If you’re located in San Francisco, or planning to visit, you should definitely check out Onedome on Market Street. It’s been called a “futuristic digital playground” that includes an augmented reality “Unreal Garden and a labyrinth of14 immersive rooms of art installations that give a new name to interactive.  Also on the menu is  “F.E.A.S.T”—a type of AR/ interactive 5 courses dining experience that we weren’t able to go to but sounds incredible. It’s a bold undertaking both as a ticketed attraction and special event facility.  Go see it if you can!   Click Here

Can hospitality tech keep travel hospitable?   Propmodo.com
Until virtual reality becomes sophisticated enough that you can beam yourself to a beach in Bali or a business meeting in London, we will need hotels. They are places to gather, experience, and connect with local culture. To deliver what guests need, hotels must have both solid physical and technological infrastructures. While the industry is ablaze with catchwords, the truth is that hospitality is experiencing a technology gap and the pace of innovation adoption remains limited. READ MORE

Japan Airlines shows off device for virtual reality Hawaii vacations   Asahi.com
New virtual reality headgear lets you feel Hawaii's breeze on your skin and inhale the scents of its tropical flowers as you stroll along a beach or through a forest.JAL says the device enables users to easily experience travel destinations, as simply as trying on different clothes, which it hopes will lead them to book actual trips with the airline. READ MORE

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ARtGlass Lets You See Pompeii in Its True Glory with AR Glasses   Arpost.com
A visit to Pompeii will be a more vivid experience than ever for tourists. The massive eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD destroyed the ancient Roman city, but paradoxically also preserved it for posterity. And now this historical site is enhanced by augmented reality to give an even better glimpse into its former glory. Pompeii in AR is the latest project of ARtGlass, a company that made augmented reality experiences a mainstream attraction for mass tourism. READ MORE

Digital cathedrals: bringing Notre-Dame de Paris back to life   Phys.org
The devastating fire at Notre-Dame de Paris sparked intense emotion around the world, demonstrating the cathedral's important place in history and culture as well as its enormous symbolic power. As France and other countries around the world continue to mourn the tragedy, the French government, experts, journalists and others are already mobilising to launch an ambitious restoration – funding, planning, skills, materials and technologies. READ MORE

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Multisensory VR Allows Users to Step Into a Movie and Interact with Objects   Voanews.com
Imagine stepping into a movie or virtual world and being able to interact with what’s there. That’s now possible through the magic of Hollywood combined with virtual reality technology. For $20, the company Dreamscape takes visitors through a multi-sensory journey. Currently in Los Angeles, creators say they plan on opening more virtual reality venues across the U.S. and eventually to other countries. READ MORE

See Monaco in augmented reality with CardMap   En.gouv.mc
Thanks to close collaboration between Monaco’s Tourist and Convention Authority and the company K-Rma tech, visitors can now enjoy an interactive and dynamic way of discovering the Principality with the CardMap app.  Available for Android and iOS, CardMap offers users an augmented reality view of their destination.  READ MORE

How virtual tours will personalize vacations   Livemint.com
Imagine you are sipping coffee at a cafe during your break, and your smartphone pings to remind you that the holidays are around the corner—it’s time to plan a getaway. A touch reveals a list of likely locations prepared by your personal digital advisor (aka your smartphone) based on your preferences, past travels, and your recent searches. You shortlist a few and the search engine prompts you to take a virtual tour after generating a QR (quick response) code to be scanned at any kiosk to take a virtual tour of the destination attractions and connect with your wearable devices. READ MORE

REMINDER...... for those of our readers a little later to the party:
VR 101 – A Crash Course In All Things Virtual Reality   Blog.vive.com  READ MORE

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